Spatial Medium™ is a creative studio I founded back in 2009 that provides a unique blend of architecture, strategy, and wellness solutions for individual and business clients and communities.

The studio intentionally curates and creates multi-service and multi-disciplinary offerings to help clients understand how they interact with and create the physical and intangible spaces in their lives and businesses.

Whether that be a commercial/non-profit brick-and-mortar, a home/work/play blended environments, or business offerings/experiences, Spatial Medium™ has been designed to take a holistic view of the systems, habits, and caretaking patterns.

Why the multi-service focus?

Because the spaces we navigate and build are not only four walls, ceiling, and floors. They don’t exist solely in the physical realm or in a vacuum outside of our lives and communities.

They include daily habits and passion projects, healing journeys and creative voices. They are our hopes and goals and future plans. They can influence our actions and well being. And they want to change and expand as we change and expand.

Spatial Medium™ was created to help people navigate creating space with intention.

We recently released an audio course to help those moving through disruptions and life transitions. With on-the-go audio, quick workbook exercises, and bonuses such as a 40-track meditation playlist and DIY handbook, this is integrated support for your heart, head, and home spaces. You can check it out here:

Want a supportive partner as you navigate, refine, and redesign your spaces? Please visit us at!