Hi, there, and welcome to my corner of the world!

This is where I share my love of open water/wild/winter swimming, writing and performing music, and nerding out on creating/experiencing space in any form (tangible, intangible, inner, societal, etc…).

You may think “interesting, but…nothing is connected”. 

Mmmmmm…I kindly disagree.

You see, my superpowers in this world are to expand possibility, nurture exploration, and shift perspectives.  (I also tend to love my people really hard…:)

These stem from my ability to see the world spatially, observe unseen connections/patterns/opportunities, and build with multidisciplinary systems.  They are born from years of emotional caretaking due to unintentional trauma in my youth (ie: trauma via circumstance and no one’s fault).  And they are reflective of my own persistence/truth-seeking through 2 decades of professional pivots, adversity, industry roadblocks, personal struggles, doubt, and entrepreneurship starts/stops. 

Every person (or company!) I’ve worked with has had to either overcome fear to grow, shift to a new way of thinking, or create a passion/mission they doggedly believed in without a how-to manual.  My mission is to guide, reveal, and support those desires/goals in a way that allows for our human-ness to remain intact. Whether that be in a body of water, from a stage, or through creating spaces and systems to make life just a little bit better. Whether you are my friend, client, or random stranger I’ve met in a cafe (true story!).

You can think of me as a Spatial Fusionist – moving between the physical, intangible, and emotional realms to get at the heart of the matter in order to create a better life for ourselves, our businesses, our communities. 

I’m happy you’re here…how can I help you today?

Providing 1-1 small group and private lessons for open water swimming/triathlons/stroke refinement, beginner/fearful adult swimmers, and wild, winter immersions.

Jazz-based vocals and performances of originals, standards, covers, and curated storytelling.

Spatial Medium™ is a full-service creative studio that provides a blend of architectural, strategy, and wellness services for individual and business clients and communities.