Creative Collaborations

I have collaborated with artists from painters to dancers to dj’s. One of my favorites was with the artist Thomas Wurst during a Slide Luck event in Seattle, WA.

The gig: Slideluck w/ Thomas Wurst

Thomas was asked to present slides of his recent encaustic photography works and to give a brief description of them as they played. Never one to follow rules, Thomas had in his mind a piece of music to accompany his art and asked me if I was up for the challenge. I said yes immediately.

The story

Lost and Lookin’ : originally composed and performed by Sam Cooke. Sung solo, acapella, and in the dark as the focus was on the images of Thomas’ work flashing on the screen.

Collaborate with me!

I am forever interested in creating new and surprising experiences with other artists. If you are developing a project and are interested in seeing if we would be a good fit, please reach out via our contact page.

Packages defined per project/collaboration.