When I first started to gig as a jazz vocalist in NYC, set lists needed to be made ahead of time for the many talented, and busy, musicians who graced the stage with me. I was having trouble settling on tunes as I prefer to “feel” my way through the set on the day of – not ideal when you are meeting someone for the first time 3 minutes prior to performing. I needed a structure to keep me on task and fast.

As a designer, I love carrying the thread of an idea throughout an entire spatial experience. There is nothing more satisfying than creating small, poetic moments within the larger intention. I thought I might be able to do this with my sets and the SongSonnet™ experiment was born.

Today, the SongSonnet™ is my go-to for creating incredibly personal and meaningful performances. It has led me to learn new tunes that I would otherwise have passed by and many of these are now favorites to perform!

I love dreaming up new stories to tell across a set of music and particularly enjoy when I am able to bring other stories to life. Whether you are throwing a private celebration, hosting a business-focused event, creating unique educational programming, or manifesting an artistic dream, I would love to be a part of telling your story!

Milestone Celebrations

Have a celebration coming up? Let’s create a personalized music experience for your and your loved ones to mark the occasion. Or perhaps a one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone is on your mind. What story do you want to tell? Fill out the intake form to make the day uniquely yours!

Corporate Events

Live music is a great way to communicate abstract ideas in a way that are remembered long after the day ends. How would you like to communicate what you do to your peers? Fill out the intake form to get started in creating a truly unforgettable event for your business and clients.

Educational Programming

Everyone loves a good story and if learning is involved, all the better! SongSonnets™ are the perfect structure for storytelling so even the pickiest student is engaged. Fill out the intake form to begin crafting an educational experience that is integrated directly into your lesson plan.

Creative Collaborations

Collaboration with other artists to create a multidisciplinary piece is one of the greatest joys in life. I love the creative process and peeking into the world of someone else’s brain and soul. If you are interested in exploring a potential collaboration, please reach out to schedule time for chat!